About us


VFL SIGNATURE is a luxury interior design company headquartered in Lagos – Nigeria that specializes in bespoke services. We make proper planning for understanding the design intent, take construction to the highest standards whilst keeping account of client’s requirement, sense of style and budget.

For many years VFL SIGNATURE has been in the business of connecting her clients design ideas with solutions. We bridge the gap between your imagination and reality, if you can dream it, we will make it happen.

Our secret lies in seeing the world through the eyes of our clients while understanding that tastes and preferences are unique and differ from one client to another, we have readily available an abundant well of design solutions and experience that ensures our clients are only limited by their imaginations.

Our services cut across various sectors, be it commercial (Oil & Gas, Factories, Health Care, Government, Real Estate etc.) or residential (Individual Clients, Renovations/from Scratch, basic finish, lighting etc.) regardless of where you are on the spectrum we have a plan to cater to your design needs.